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TransInfoTech has developed an information analysis system Customs Gateway, compliant with international e-Freight standard.

E-Freight is an international standard for documenting and tracing air cargoes, recommended by IATA. E-Freight replaces paper documents with their electronic equivalents and messages in the process of preparation, documenting and delivery of cargoes by air. The standard provides automation of 20 electronic documents (12 mandatory and 8 supplementary ones).

The purpose of adoption of e-Freight is to provide the comprehensive information environment for all invovled parties and ensuring transparency of the whole process of documentation of cargoes.

  • More than 49 countries of the world use the standard
  • In 2006 The standard was first introduced by IAtA 
  • 20 electronic documents are automated in accordance with the standard

Software functions of e-Freight:

  • Identification of the parties of foreign trade transactions with the use of state databases and digital signatures of  National Certification Centre of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  •  Information support and consulting for involved parties
  • Communication of electronic documents between involved authorities and entities
  • Submission of documents to state authorities as required by procedures governing import and export activities
  • Monitoring of the results of activities of involved parties and statistical reporting


  • Transparent processing Online access to up-to-date information related to cargo

  • High reliability Advanced technology of transaction acknowledgement ensures high reliability of authentication procedure 

  • Increase of transportation efficiency A one-stop principle makes arrangement of cargo transportation easier and allows for saving both transportation and management costs 


  • Transparent processing Electronic documentation allows online tracing of cargo transportation process for all invovled parties
  • Time saving The solution dramatically reduces the time required for processing and communication of data related to transportation
  • Reliability and accuracy All the basic data is entered into the system just once, at the dispatching point
  • Cost caving Global cost reduction of up to 4.9 billion USD annually


The following entities are involved parties in air cargo transportation process in Kazakhstan:


Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Administration of IS e-Freight
  • Development and approval of the IS e-Freight Operation Rulebook 
  • Development and approval of the Rulebook for interaction between IS e-Freight and IS of Committee for State Revenues of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Committee For State Revenues of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Access to information 
  • Integration of IS e-Freight
  • Statistics data
  • Customs control

Committee for Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Access to information 
  • Data collection, processing and storage 
  • Notification of the sender and the receiver of cargo on the events related to air transportation process
  • Analysis of the volume and contents of air cargoes


  • Access to information
  • Submission of air way bill
  • Reception of cargo documents
  • Submission of the data on arrival route to the gateway



  • Access to information
  • Registration, shipping, storage, release and transit of cargoes
  • Notification on cargo disposition

Temporary storage system

  • Access to information
  • Processing and storage of cargoes